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Individual Webdesign

Each website assigned to us is created individually, specifically to the customer’s favor. This allows the customer to receive the “tailor-made”: suited to its industry, the nature of its business, the mode of action and goals website. Before we proceed to designing, we thoroughly analyze the business of the customer, we create a strategy that we discuss with the client. It is only when we are confident that we have fully understood the task we face we start creating a unique graphic design that helps the site to stand out from the competition in the industry, is appropriate to the activity, facilitates the realization of an objective (to provide information, sell a product/service, etc.) and is intriguing for Internet users in order to encourage them to a longer stay on the site and to get familiar with the highest amount of presented content.

The design is tremendously important for us, which is why we make sure each project is original and polished (see the portfolio of our projects). We create websites in a variety of styles, from contemporary minimalist, through timelessly elegant, to visually rich landing pages, as well as corporate pages. We design web pages with different levels of complexity: in the same way we pay attention to create interesting, simple business cards (see e.g. PATOR), as well as to create comprehensive websites on which huge amounts of information are presented (see e.g. the site for the National Center of Polish Song, EWL and


Panel Administracyjny CMS - WordPressWebsites with administrative panel, so-called CMS

We create all the pages based on the WordPress system which allows easy modification of their content by users. This allows our customers to pay only once per page. They are able to make all subsequent updates of its content themselves, at no additional cost. The content editing is done by a special web page that resembles popular text editors. See what the administrative panel, a so-called backend, is.

Responsywne strony internetowe RWDResponsive
 web pages

RWD has been a key word of recent months. These are the pages that fit to the screen of a device on which they are displayed so that an access to the content on a phone is as easy as on a PC. The competition often offers RWD as an additional option – it is a standard at our company for which you do not pay. Each our page is responsive and ready to run on a computer, tablet and phone.

Przygotowanie strony www pod pozycjonowanie Google, SEO

Preparation for Optimization / SEO

We care about “code cleanliness”. This means that all websites written by us are carefully programmed by a professional web developer, their code is in compliance with applicable standards, and invisible to the user internal structure of the page is properly thought out and prepared in such a way so that the contents entered position the site in search results to the best degree.

Wielojęzyczne serwisy internetoweMultilingual web pages

Extension of an offer beyond the borders of the country has never been so easy

Thanks to our constant cooperation with we offer creation of multilingual websites from start to finish. Thanks to this comprehensive approach we can offer a quick and efficient implementation of a website to any market in the world, in over 25 different languages.

We take care of the design and creation of an appropriate web page that supports many languages, we can translate and enter all the contents, and then effectively implement the page in the country, taking care of its promotion and SEO. Such an approach takes off the hardship to search several independent contractors, coordinate an advertising agency and translation agency from the client and solves the problem of placing the finished page on the foreign market.


1. Lower web page cost

Our constant cooperation with a professional translation agency provides us preferential rates unattainable for individual clients. We create new pages to support multiple languages from scratch so that the option of multilingualism is at no extra cost.

2. Shorter completion time

We do not loose time for coordinating the work with a foreign subcontractor. We realize the whole order in the course of own systematized work which helps us shorten the completion time (and cost).

3. All in one place

The customer in each case contacts us, not 3-4 different companies. This resolves a problem of shifting of responsibilities between subcontractors, clearly specifies the entity responsible for the overall effect and makes it easier for the customer to supervise the progress of works.

4. Comprehensive approach

Taking care of an order since the project stage to its implementation, we can design a coherent website taking into account the needs of a customer and the material he/she owns. Thanks to this the site is very closely matched to the customer and more effectively implements his/her objective.