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WCAG 2.0

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Web pages with facilitated access to the content: not just for people with disabilities

We make the customers’ websites adjusted to the main WCAG 2.0 requirements, including facilitation of use of the websites. Compliance of websites with the WCAG guidelines is legally required, among others, from educational and administrative units (offices, schools, libraries, etc.).

Customizing a page for WCAG is a good option also for companies and institutions which are not covered by this obligation, because it increases the number of potential recipients of the page, improves its design and the content on it and makes it easier to browse. The possibilities to enlarge fonts, adjust contrast or block images are particularly helpful (will be appreciated especially by people with a low-quality Internet connection).

In the common meaning WCAG is introduced for persons with disabilities, however, it is an unfair restriction. A website compatible with WCAG becomes available for people with disabilities which is truth, but the introduced facilities are enjoyed by all the website users: enlargement of fonts will be useful to anyone, especially if we read the content on sites on a small display or we do not want to overwork the eyes after hours of computer work

Introduction of compliance with WCAG 2.0 does not require writing a site from scratch – in most cases, it is possible to rebuild the current code of the site which significantly reduces the cost of adaptation.

Strona internetowa zgodna z WCAG 2.0

Example of a site customized to the requirements of the WCAG 2.0