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Visual identification

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Projektowanie logo firmyBrand identification

Permanent logo and identity is the foundation upon which a great brand rests.

Building of the identity begins with the creation of a logo which invokes certain emotions, is unique, memorable, timeless, and distinguishes the company from the competition (see e.g. MK Construction, Pator or Tokdrew. We set colors, fonts, graphics, and all the necessary support elements to begin building a brand recognition.

We design all elements of identification bearing in mind the specificities of digital media, but also of those traditional – we continue to reckon that fancy business cards and beautifully designed letterheads are a natural complement to the brand identity of any major company.

MK Construction - corporate identity / identyfikacja wizualna firmy: wizytówki, papier firmowy, pieczątka, kopertyPlacing brands on the market

Implementation of a brand by tangible objects is very important. We can help by creating business cards, letterheads, banners, leaflets, posters. Depending on the nature of a customer, we also help with choosing additional media: in some industries these will include gadgets, in other digital tools as a landing page, website business card or a full page or even an online store.

An additional element complementary to the image of created brand identity of a company is a Logo Book – it is a document that describes the design of a logo, used colors with a distinction of different color reproduction techniques, rules for the application of the logo in the context of other contents and a description of the basic assumptions about the created brand identity. All this so that the company is able to create its consistent, thoughtful image not only at a given moment, but also in the future, working with other advertising agencies and by creating its own visual materials.

Is it worth to create a brand image?

Keep in mind that users utilize the Internet not only for entertainment but mostly looking for information about products and services. It is important to create one’s own image. If we don’t ensure it alone, be sure that our competition does.

Don’t you have your own image or do you need to refresh your current one? We will help you define the mission, purpose and vision of the company, determine the strengths that distinguish you from the competition and develop your potential. Contact us and we’ll make sure that the image of your brand is consistent and evokes positive emotions and feelings in customers.